Lithodora "Grace Ward" has star shaped flowers that are bright blue and has deep green foliage that is low mounding in nature. This perennial is deer resistant and attracts butterflies. This perennial does not have many disease or insect problems.  

Flower: Bright blue

Flower time: Spring/summer

Uses: Ground cover, rock garden, borders, slopes

Height: 6"- 12"

Width: 24"-36"

Light: Full sun, part sun

Soil Type: Sandy, loamy and well drained

Soil Ph: Acidic and neutral

Pruning: After flowering (mid to late summer) but prune to keep shape. 

Fertilizer: Use fertilizer for acidic plants 

Zone: 5

Product Specs:

  • Attracts Butterflys

    Attracts Butterflys

  • Deer Resistant

    Deer Resistant

  • Full Sun

    Full Sun

  • Part Sun

    Part Sun


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