"Niagara" is a white seedless Grape variety. Great for Wine, fresh eating or jellies as the fruit is medium to large, juicy and sweet. Grapes are a vigorous growing vine and will need to be supported by trellis/ obelisk/ fence/ arbour. As they tend to get powder mildew try to plant where they will get some air flow. This is a self pollinating variety and can produce fruit up to 20 years with proper care. Keep out of winter windy areas and try to put in an area you know gets good snow coverage (natural cold insulator). There is pruning necessary to maintain your grape plant to produce fruit.  

Fruit: Medium to large sweet white seedless fruit on a vine

Uses: Fresh, wine and jellies, juices

Pollination: Self pollinating

Harvest Time: Early September

Height: 5'-20'(vine will need a trellis/ oblisk/ fence/ arbour)

Width: 2.5' -4'

Light: Full sun 

Soil Type: tolerates many different soil types, but must have good drainage. Alkaline to neutral pH

Pruning: Late winter to early spring. Once the plant is established you will be pruning "heavy". Fruit grows on the branches that one year old, so you will be leaving the main trunk (cane) of the plant with 2- 10 buds. You may have to thin out overgrowth during the growing season to get air to the fruit. 

Zone: 5

Product Specs:

  • Part Sun

    Part Sun

  • Full Sun

    Full Sun


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