"Sweetheart" is a highbush Blueberry that has two crops of sweet berries per year. The first crop is more abundant than the second crop that follows (approx. 15 lbs per plant). White flowers in spring and red foliage in autumn. It is a self pollinating variety but adding a different Blueberry variety of same flowering time tends to increase berry production. This is a great variety for the blueberry enthusiast.

Fruit: Large powder blue berries that are sweet. 

Uses: Fresh eating or desserts

Pollination: Self pollinating, for best yields plant a different variety with the same flowering time is the same area

Harvest Time: late spring to early summer

Height: 5'-6'

Width: 3'-4'

Light: Full sun to part sun

Soil Type: loamy moist to well drained. Acidic soil (4.8-5.2 pH)


Zone: 4

Product Specs:

  • Full Sun

    Full Sun

  • Part Sun

    Part Sun


2024 Gardening Season

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