Vaccinium "Patriot" is a popular variety of Highbush Blueberry, It will need larger area to grow. With white flowers in late spring, harvest in early to mid summer and leaves turn a bright fire-orange colour in the autumn. High yields of fruit 10-20lbs per plant once established. Plant in a full sun (part sun) area. This is a self pollinating variety but will better produce with a second blueberry of a different variety with the same flowering time. 

Fruit: Large dark blue berries that are sweet

Uses: Fresh, juices, smoothies and cooking

Pollination: self pollinating, does better with a cross pollinator

Harvest Time: Early to mid summer (July)

Height: 5'-6'

Width: 4'

Light: Full sun to part sun

Soil Type: loamy, sandy soil that is moist but well drained. needs acidic soil (4.8-5.2). Can tolerate cold and heavy soils. 


Zone: 4

Product Specs:

  • Part Sun

    Part Sun

  • Full Sun

    Full Sun


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