This is a great addition to your edible garden, it is a compact version of 'Hinnonmaki Red' Gooseberry. It is able to start producing berries the year after being planted and once established it can produce up to 9 pounds of berries per plant. This Gooseberry is powdery mildew resistant and a relatively easy keeper, with less thorns its easier to prune.  

Fruit: Fruits on younger branches. Fruit ripens to red that are sweet on the inside with a tart skin.  

Uses: Fresh, Jam and syrups

Pollination: self pollinator

Harvest Time: Mid- summer (July- August)

Height: 3'

Width: 3'

Light: Full to part sun

Soil Type: Average, moist to well drained soil

Pruning: Late winter or early spring prune out old damaged branches

Zone: 3-9

Product Specs:

  • Part Sun

    Part Sun

  • Full Sun

    Full Sun


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