Root Simulator Mykes

What is Mykes?

Beneficial alliance

Mycorrhizal fungi have occurred naturally in the soil for 450 million years. They form a close symbiotic relationship with plant roots. They are called mycorrhizae . However, in most soils that have been disturbed by residential construction, or intensive cropping practices with applications of fertilizers containing pesticides and other chemical products, the mycorrhizae content has considerably diminished, and has become insufficient to significantly enhance plant growth.
When mycorrhizal fungi colonize the plant's root system, they create a network that increases the plant's capacity to absorb more water and nutrients such as phosphorus, copper and zinc. This process in turn enhances growth and favors rapid development of roots and plants

Why use Mykes?

Plants that have been grown with Mykes mycorrhize have proven to have a stronger healthier root base in turn giving the plant a healthier lush and more vigorous growth rate then plants grown with out Mykes. Becoause of this stronger root base the plant is able to retain more moisture and absorb more nutrients to support a healthy plant that's more resistant to stress.

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