How to Plant a Tree and What You Will Need

First prepare your planting hole, ensuring that it is double the width at the bottom as your root ball, with sides sloping at an angle such that your hole has twice the surface diameter as the root ball.

Remove the plant from its container, deposit it carefully in the hole and line up the soil surface, as below. Try not to disturb the roots as that can hurt the plants. Make sure the trunk is vertical, and then fill in the hole by making successive layers, only slightly compacted, up to the surface level.

Afterwards, being careful to leave room around the tree base, pour a 10 to 12 cm coat of mulch on the surface. Donít forget to remove and stickers and protective materials that could cut your tree.

Finally, water your new plant thoroughly. You might need to do this in stages to avoid surface flow. For deciduous trees and conifers, create a basin on the soil to hold water from watering or rain at the base of the plant. The sides of your basin should gradually rise to 10 cm.

To protect it from the wind , install two stake, one on either side of the tree, and use canvas and burlap strips or buffered guy wire touching the tree at two thirds of its height, to loosely hold your tree in place.



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