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Does Alton Greenhouses Warranty Plants and Trees?
Can I plant perennials or shrubs in spring/summer/ autumn?
How long does it take for a perennial, shrub or tree to be established?
The tag says it is perennial, does that mean it is hardy for the Caledon/ Dufferin/ Mono area?
How do I fertilize my perennials and shrubs?
When is the best time to plant annuals?
When is the best time to buy annuals?
When and how do I transplant an existing plant to another spot?
When do I fertilize shrubs and perennials?
When do I stop fertilizing and why?
What does fertilizing plants do? How often should I be doing it?
What is a fertilizer? What does it do and is it Important?
What is the difference between fertilizer brands?
What is the difference between a shrub and a perennial?
When do you open?
Do we take trays and pots back?
Do we like to be asked questions?


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